May 13, 2020

Dear KIPS Families and Students,                                                                 

Katy KIPS would like to thank EVERY family and EVERY student for their dedication to the sport and their loyalty to KIPS for 42 years. We know well that this is a hard time for many people, and we wish nothing but the best for everyone.

As you know, with all gyms closed by state order due to COVID-19, we are unable to open at this time. Additionally, we know this has been a very hard economic impact on our KIPS families, and we must certainly take that into account as well.

So, because of this closure and the ongoing gym restrictions, KIPS cannot remain in business at the current location. and we will be unable to open for the foreseeable future. 

Some key points to take note of:

  1. Katy KIPS Gymnastics Club location on Mason Rd. will be closing its doors effective immediately.
  2. Families with an overdue balance will be cleared of charges
  3. Team refunds for competition season will be handled by the Booster Club

We would love each of you to continue your gymnastics dedication and love of the sport. Please consider one of these local gyms to continue your passion. 

We love you all and miss you so very much. 

Louie Morales,
Katy KIPS Gymnastics Club

Who is Katy KIPS?  

You may not know, but Katy KIPS has been a part of Katy life for over forty years and Katy KIPS students are now third and fourth generation! WIth over 160 Texas State Champions plus programs for recreational, pre-school, adult and team, there is NO gym like Katy KIPS. We have great staff, and many have been with us for years like Terisa our Pre-School Director, also Mary, a pre-school instructor, coach, and also a former student, and Emma, our lead coach and coincidentally our 100th Texas State Champion from Katy KIPS.

We have over 160 Texas State Champions to date, in fact: Really, though, Katy KIPS is and has always been about the children and the families–YOU! Thank you all for the four great decades in Katy.

And, a fun fact: Do you know how was Katy KIPS named? Well, first a “kip” is a maneuver in gymnastics bar routines, but for us it has also always meant “Kids In Perfect Shape” or K.I.P.S. 🙂 We have dedicated the last forty years to that vision, across thousands and thousands of students and families. 

Katy KIPS is here for you. Come join us! The children will have fun, gain health and confidence, families will enjoy the great atmosphere, and champions will be made.

Thank you!
281-578-KIPS (5477)

What does Katy KIPS offer? THE BEST!

Katy KIPS has decades of history for recreational and championship gymnastics for all ages, and we are the premier gymnastics club of Katy, Texas in our 8500 square-foot facility located conveniently on Mason Road just south of Kingsland. Our primary goal is to develop your child’s physical fitness through gymnastics (remember KIPS: Kids In Perfect Shape), all while enhancing his or her self-esteem in a positive, fun, nurturing, and family-oriented environment. And FUN! 🙂

Our comprehensive and progressive program offers classes for:

  • Competition Teams of all XCEL levels, USAG, JO
  • Recreational girls/boys gymnastics
  • Parent and tot Pre-School Gymnastics
  • Recreational and competitive adult gymnastics
  • Private lessons
  • Day Camps for summer and holidays
  • Total tumbling
  • Back handspring clinics
  • Field Trips
  • Open Gym and Pizza Nights
  • Birthday parties
Katy Kips Gymnasts of All Ages and Levels. Over 40 Years of Love.

Katy KIPS Great Staff!

Owner and coach Louie Morales (aka “Mr. M” or “Coach M”) helped establish Katy Gymnastics Club in Katy, Texas over thirty years ago, and has been the owner of what eventually became Katy KIPS in all the decades since. He has personally developed the program for Katy KIPS (Kids In Perfect Shape) for all that time, gaining terrific insight from his long-time coach (and now Pre-School Director) Terisa Batchvarov (see her bio below) and all his staff (also below). However, his love has always been the growth and success of his gymnasts and their families supporting them.

It’s hard to describe the positive impact of doing anything with and for children for over fifty years as Louie Morales has done–but you can know that tens of thousands of families, children, and now adults across three generations in Katy have been touched by Louie, his gym, his programs, and his amazing and wonderful coaching staff. Louie and his coaches, using his programs, have developed and coached over 160 Texas State Gymnastics Champions to date. And the number just keeps rising!

Besides team competitions, Katy KIPS under Louie Morales has grown to include recreational gymnastics for both children and adults, and includes fantastic pre-school program developed and operated by Terisa and her staff,

Louie Morales would like to personally invite you to come visit and join Katy KIPS Gymnastics Club, or “Katy KIPS” as it has been known for decades in Katy. You’ll enjoy the visit, your children will grow health and confidence, and families will enjoy the camaraderie and success of all the children.

Stop by! You’ll have a lot of fun and you and your children gain a smile or two for your day. It’s been a happy and healthy part of Katy just that way for over 41 years!

"Coach M" Louie Morales and KIPS Champions
Terisa Batchvarov is ALWAYS fun!

Terisa Batchvarov is Katy KIPS Pre-School Director and a part of Katy KIPS for over 30 years, including being a former competitive team member for the 1980-84 Katy KIPS Texas State Champion teams. She has experience with all levels of the KIPS program, including pre-school, recreational, tumbling, pre-teams and coaching competitive levels, and Terisa loves developing gymnasts in the recreational programs, as well. In addition to having numerous gymnastics certifications and accreditations, Terisa holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Houston, was adjunct faculty for the Houston Community COllege System for 15 years, and is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. Many thanks to Terisa for all the wonderful years!

Emma Fletcher – Emma is not only Katy KIPS Team Coach, she is also Katy KIPS 100th Texas State Champion! Emma has been a director of a large gymnastics club, and we are very happy to have her with us during such a growth period in team. Emma began her gymnastics career at Katy KIPS, was a champion, and is also an adult student of gymnastics at Katy KIPS. Everyone loves Emma, who has a smile and  great coaching for everyone, and is a positive influence for so many children. 🙂 Thanks coach Emma! 

Mary Belcik – Mary has been a Katy KIPS coach and instructor for 15 years this year! We love Mary’s passion, moving from Katy KIPS team gymnast to her current role across those years. She teaches Kippie Academy/Advanced and Tumble, helps with KIPS Summer Day Camp, and she has coached team–and Mary is our point person on fun birthday parties, if you want one of those! 🙂 KIPS isn’t about just gymnastics: We are family! And Mary is a great example of just that. Come join Katy KIPS in our 41st year in Katy! Mary and the rest of us would love to meet you. 🙂

Pictures of all the FUN at Katy KIPS! 🙂

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